Ponde directives

$ directives

directive description usage note
$inc $inc "filename"
$cseg start of code segment
$dseg start of data segment
$bss start of bss (data segment containing statically-allocated variables) It has its own IP (bss_IP)
$ends end of current segment

Note: $bss segment maintains a separate address pointer (bss_IP) and code stream is flushed when entering a bss segment and the code stream is aligned to 16-bit word boundary when resuming. The bss address pointer is initialized to a zero (0) and it needs to be set to an address of RAM (volatile storage).

other assembly directives

directive description usage note
.db define bytes
.dw define 16-bit words
.dd define 32-bit words
.ds define storage
.align align the address .align 4
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